PP HDPE Fabrics Manufacturer

One of the largest Indian manufacturer and supplier of Polypropylene (PP) Woven Fabrics in India and also exports to many countries.

We produce PP / HDPE woven circular fabrics in both varieties un-laminated and laminated. And also available in rolls of different color shades. Seller are put to direct uses or for conversion to bags/sacks for customer's end usage.

The fabric production process is subjected to rigorous quality control procedures. Due to stringent quality checks, we offer our customers products that are superiors in technical parameters and with minimum defects (less than 1%). Polypropylene fabric consists of hydrophobic which restricts the possibility of moisture in the fabric and further, it extracts the moisture vapor away from the skin. Modern machinery and the adopted strategy of orientation on buyers' individual needs enable us to manufacture fabrics that satisfy all the requirements of our customers.


Our manufacturing of PE/PP Woven Fabrics is on 4 and 6 shuttle circular looms of Lohia Starlinger make;we can offer open width fabric upto 122 inches/310 c.m.wide i.e.circular/tubular fabric of 61 inches/155 c.m.wide.On the lower side, we can offer circular/ tubular fabrics of minimum 24 inches/61 c.m.wide and small size open width fabric can be offered of any width with thermal cut.We offer PE/PP Woven Fabrics ranging from minimum 45 grams/square meter i.e.GSM (1.32 ozs/square yard) to maximum 175 GSM ( 5.1 ozs/square yard)with varying weaving mesh.These fabrics can be made in colours of your choice and requirement.We also offer U.V.Stabilised fabrics with customized weaving mesh.Fabrics can be offered in roll form as well as piece form.

Wide Round-Woven Fabrics Coated & Uncoated

Wide round-woven fabrics are manufactured on circular 6- and 8-shuttle weaving machines in the form of a sleeve. These weaving machines are used for the production of bags with one or two hanging straps and for flexible circular intermediate bulk container bag production. Available in different specification, we customize these fabrics as per clients requirement